Obermann Consulting GmbH

Agrippinawerft 10
D – 50678 Köln

Fon: 0221 – 920 460
Fax: 0221 – 920 4620


Directions from the airport Cologne / Bonn

A taxi will take you from the airport in about 15 – 25 minutes (for about 35 Euros) to our localities. Taxis are allowed to enter the parking garage “Kap am Südkai”, Agrippinawerft 30 for free and are also able to pick you up from there. Please tell the driver to stop at the staircase 8.01. which is marked in green.

Directions from central station Cologne

Journey by public transport:
The metro line number 16 runs every 10 – 15 minutes from the central station to our localities (towards Bonn or Sürth). You will need a ticket of the price category 1 B (cost 2, 90 €), which can either be purchased at the station or directly in the metro. Alternatively bus number 133 from the backend (Breslauer Platz) of the central station – travel time 8 minutes. Please note that only coins will be accepted by the ticket-machines.

Please exit the metro at the station “Ubierring” and cross the road towards the river. You will reach the offices through a passage at the intersection Ubierring and the road “Bayenturm”. Keep right, our office is on the ground floor of the 2. yellow building with the address Agrippinawerft 10.

Journey by taxi:
Leave the central station in direction of the cathedral and take a taxi from there. The taxi will take you within approx. 5 – 10 minutes (for about 15 €, 3 km) to our localities.

Walk from the central station:
If you have enough time and the weather allows it as well, you can also walk the distance from the central station to our office in about 30 minutes alongside the river-promenade. The distance is 3 km. For that, leave the central station in direction of the cathedral, cross the cathedral plaza towards the river and keep walking alongside the river, until you reach our address, Agrippinawerft 10

If you are travelling by car

The office is located next to the river Rhine and can be easily reached from a number of different highways.
Our address Agrippinawerft 10 can only be reached via the 1,5 km long parking garage “Rheinauhafen”. One of the entries to the parking garage is located at “Kap am Südkai”, Agrippinawerft 30. For a better orientation, the parking garage uses a system of color labels. Park your car near the staircase 8.01 which is labeled in green and use the staircase to get to the outer area. There you will be standing right in front of our office Agrippinawerft 10. The costs for a day-pass in the parking garage are 22 € (alternatively see journey by public transport).

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