As our customers are becoming more and more global, we are faced with the challenge of viewing the selection and development processes in an organization globally and tailoring our services accordingly. In order to meet customer demand for international instruments, Obermann Consulting has worked closely together for years with partners that have a comparable portfolio in other countries. This not only means that we can implement existing procedures in English and French, but also that we are able to work together with our partners from the relevant countries with a view to adapting the procedures culturally as well as translating them. In addition, it is possible for our partners in other countries to implement the instruments there in accordance with defined standards, thus ensuring comparable diagnostics and employee development in the different countries.

Key facts

  • English-language audits and coaching in Germany, including with cross-cultural consultant teams (e.g. from China, USA, Germany)
  • Conducted in numerous national languages by IPAD partners
  • International transfer of European/German procedures, “Train the Trainer” and quality management in the countries and target languages
  • English-language materials and test procedures


Obermann Consulting GmbH is a partner in IPAD (International Partnership for Assessment and Development). IPAD is a partnership of like-minded consultants specializing in assessment and development, consciously avoiding any involvement in headhunting.

The history of IPAD begins as far back as 1953, when a number of professors at Richmond University (USA) came together to form Psychological Consultants, Inc. (PCI). PCI is IPAD’s oldest partner in the USA. IPAD and PCI first joined forces in 1997, when David Purdy and Christof Obermann conducted individual management audits together for a German pharmaceuticals company.

After further companies in other countries came on board for the project, IPAD was officially established in 2007, an international success story that has gone from strength to strength ever since.

International coverage - IPAD Partners

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • USA
  • China
  • Russia
  • Czech Republic/Slovakia

Further project partners, including in other European countries, South America and Asia.