Assessment Center

Assessment Center


An assessment center is a method by which numerous individuals are given various tasks to complete within a definite period of time while being assessed on their performance by several observers for the purpose of selecting or developing staff (see Neubauer, 1980; Sarges, 2001). For over 15 years, we have specialized in designing and running assessment center programmes and can provide you with extensive assistance in preparation, implementation and follow-up work. The service we offer includes defining the requirement profile, designing/selecting exercises, structuring the overall process, informing participants, selecting and training observers, moderating evaluation discussions, condensing results and deriving valid executive staffing decisions. In order to ensure the high quality of an assessment center, it is essential to use valid instruments, to undertake a trimodal approach, to ensure objectivity and to standardize evaluations.

Key facts

  • Over 15 years of experience in designing and running assessment center programs
  • High process reliability through standardized procedures
  • Efficient implementation through optimized scheduling
  • Results-oriented moderation of observer conference
  • High level of acceptance among participants and observers owing to the professional implementation and positive atmosphere

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