Online Assessment

Online Assessment


By definition, the assessment center has several observers and applies several methods, including role plays and simulations. When a large number of participants are to be assessed over a large geographical area, this calls for a method that is less cost-intensive than the (assessment) center. The term “web assessment” (or “online assessment”) is frequently interpreted in different ways. In many cases, gauging behavioral tendencies solely by means of tests or questionnaires (e.g. “Which of the four decision-making alternatives would you choose?”) generates nothing more than socially desirable responses.

Our online assessment concept centers on transferring the assessment center idea with open, complex case studies to a web environment: We offer the same role play, the same interview, the same case study – but online. The tasks are sent to the participants automatically by the system. In the case of interactive tasks – such as the interview – a consultant is available online.

Key Facts

  • The tool offers maximum flexibility and can be adapted to the company’s specific needs and competencies
  • Professional and online-based handling
  • It is possible to integrate company-specific case studies and role-play exercises in the online tool
  • Contact with participants through a virtual moderator – this ensures that the exercises are being carried out by the participants themselves

Elements of the online assessment:

Our online assessment contains five templates of task types: in-basket tests, psychometric testing, case studies, role plays, interviews. We can either use the prepared standard content or adapt this to the individual needs of the target group and sector. As well as this, company-specific case examples and competency criteria are adapted.

Reliable technical basis:

From a technical perspective, our online assessment is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform – the leading IT solution with 14 data centers worldwide and 99.95% availability.

Various service levels:

The online assessment can be carried out by our consultants. We also train client employees as consultants and administrators in these roles.