Change Management

Change Management


Managers and the change process

“Nothing is as constant as change.” In today’s world, permanent changes in companies mean that their managers are constantly faced with new challenges. Well prepared and supervised change management processes are an important factor for success. The difficulty associated with change management is that changes are supposed to take effect on an operational level but are invariably influenced by personal and emotional aspects relating to the managers and employees in question. We provide assistance in change management in connection with company mergers, restructuring, in- and outsourcing, centralization, decentralization and relocation. This is done by either preparing managers for the change management process by means of seminars or by acting as a “sparring partner” in the change process.

Managing change successfully. In workshops, we convey the psychological basics of change management. Key implementation steps are discussed, typical resistance in change processes identified while illustrating how professional conduct on the part of managers can have a marked positive impact on change processes. You will learn how to apply instruments and methods that allow you to implement change processes, thus establishing a systematic change together with employees. At the same time, the focus will remain on your current change project.

Possible content

• Phased model for change management

• Boost motivation and willingness to change

• Dramaturgy of change and the role of emotions

• Dealing with resistance

• Role of managers in the change process

• Change management tools and methods

• Supervision on current change projects

Key Facts

  • Use of in-depth psychological methods and models
  • Use of trainers with extensive experience in the field of change management
  • Experienced “sparring partner” in the change process
  • Shortening of the negative effects in a change process – faster return to full employee performance