Development Center

Development Center


Unlike assessment centers, which are geared towards selection, development centers focus on intensive feedback and on developing top performers. Through intricate business games and case examples, a challenging atmosphere is created, showing the deviation from future requirements.

Establishing as many sources of feedback as possible: in order to advance the participants’ development as effectively as possible, extensive feedback is a central element here. As well as observer assessments, the development center programs include self-assessments, video feedback and peer feedback. Initial learning experiences and findings can already be gained through repetition simulations.

Focus on dimensions that are also capable of being developed: The objective of a development center is to help participants to develop and to establish a bond with the company. Here, it is important for development center participants to have a sense of achievement and to focus on dimensions that are capable of being developed, for example goal orientation.

Development center – a question of trust: Only by creating the right atmosphere is it possible to win over participants. Accepting findings is necessary in order for feedback to be channelled into development activities. Our aim is to present interesting challenges in a concentrated and trust-based environment.

PD database: A modern tool for development following the development center: The core of the personnel development database consists of concrete tips and recommendations that development center participants can implement directly on their own and that relate to the participants’ specific development fields.

Professional motivation as part of the development center: Motivation is a factor that is often overlooked in development centers, even though motivation for change is a central criterion for successful participant development. We provide expert assistance with our OCM motivational questionnaire, which was validated in development centers.

Key Facts

  • Many benchmarks through years of specialization
  • Scientifically substantiated instruments
  • Positive learning atmosphere
  • Many sources of feedback in order to provide participants with maximum insight
  • Use of consultants with an extensive coaching and training background