Potential Analysis

Potential Analysis


What exactly is potential? Unlike employee performance, employee potential is a capacity for future development – a possible source of power as yet untapped. Because of this, it is not very easy to analyze it. The ability and willingness to learn are two factors that are central to a person’s potential. However, there are also further indicators to be taken into account when gauging it. And then there is always the question of what potential is for. We help you to identify potential and talent in your company. Unlike assessment centers, potential analysis is geared more towards aspects such as peer feedback, self-assessment, repetition exercises, video feedback, new forms of presenting results and much more – all with a view to shaping an intensive learning experience and gauging the participants’ ability to learn. We will show you how you can assess the ability to learn something that cannot yet be seen in your behavioral spectrum.

Professional motivation as part of the potential analysis: Motivation is something that is often overlooked when analyzing potential, even though it is crucial for the motivational profile to fit with the job in question. Help is at hand with our OCM motivational questionnaire.

Key Facts

  • Scientific analysis of the term “potential”
  • Potential is gauged using verified potential indicators
  • The willingness and ability of participants to learn is examined as part of the potential analysis
  • The underlying motivational structure of participants is taken into account