Project Manager Development

Project Manager Development


The aim of project manager development is not to help project managers and experts to advance in their own specialist fields but rather to explore the following questions: How can project managers communicate effectively and get themselves heard? How can they position their activities in a business context and leverage new potential? How can project managers become good negotiators? What is important in project management and in delegating tasks? How can I assert myself without hierarchical power? Project managers and experts are key players in companies today, even when no leadership tasks are involved. Suitable training for project managers increases their bond with the company, renders project management more efficient and conveys the right level of esteem.

Strengthening the bond of good project managers, experts and specialists with the company is of great entrepreneurial importance, particularly in the case of companies with a technical orientation. Project manager development involves offering this target group extensive feedback with regard to their performance in projects, communication with decision-makers and work behavior.

Key Facts

  • DC project experience especially for specialist careers, engineers, project managers
  • Project experience for recommending alternative career paths (specialist, management, project management)
  • Supplemented by tried and trusted questionnaires and case studies that we have developed specially for analyzing the potential of project managers
  • Use of established psychological methods and models