HR Business Partner

HR Business Partner


Obermann Consulting helps commercial enterprises to professionalize their HR business partners. As we see it, the function of HR business partners can be described by four leading ideas: “Focusing on results”, “Taking a systemic view”, “Adding value” and “Working in partnership”. We develop and implement development programs for HR business partners in accordance with the understanding above. In doing so, we combine components from Excellence in Personnel Development and Performance Improvement / Performance Consulting. We also stress the importance of social and political decision-making and responsibility.

The four core ideas for professionalizing HR business partners:

Focusing on results: The aim is to help internal and external clients to improve measurable results (more quality and quantity, less costs and time).

Taking a systemic view: The aim of improving measurable results means that a holistic approach must be taken. It is a question of coordinating the components of strategic HR management closely together and thinking in terms of multi-dimensional programs.

Adding value: The aim of HR is to help contribute to material and immaterial value creation within the company in line with strategic planning. HR business partners take responsibility for this understanding.

Work in partnerships: HR business partners have close ties with all HR stakeholders and experts within and outside the company. It is a question of understanding the micro-political interaction within the organization.

Key Facts

  • Scientifically substantiated instruments
  • Best practice in accordance with evidence-based leading models
  • Holistic approach to training: HR business partners as performance consultants