Obermann Consulting helps commercial enterprises and public administration organizations to optimize their competency and personnel development processes and to professionalize their training management. Clients benefit from our holistic understanding of the personnel development function.

Services by Obermann Consulting:

  • Training planning and needs analysis: Development and streamlining of personnel development/HRD strategies, learning culture analysis, competency modelling, establishment of internal education consulting competency, development and optimization of competency evaluation and potential analysis systems
  • Competency development: Development of multi-dimensional/integrated development programs for managers and specialists, “Train the Trainer” programs, “Coach the Coach” programs
  • Transferring know-how: Analysis and structure of transfer climate, development of performance support systems, training of HRD professionals to transfer management experts
  • Evaluation and education controlling: Evaluation of development programs with regard to design, implementation, effectiveness and cost-efficiency (cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis)

Key Facts

  • Scientifically substantiated instruments
  • Best practice in accordance with evidence-based leading models
  • Holistic/integrated design of personnel development and training management