Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting


Performance improvement/performance consulting is a consulting and structuring approach for HR that aims to improve the work results of individuals and teams through “blended interventions” (multi-dimensional intervention programs) and, in this way, helping organizations to create added value. Seen from this perspective, the role of personnel development is not just to promote professional decision-making and responsibility or to organize competency development processes. The aim of personnel development is to coordinate the modules of strategic personnel management in such a way that it results in improved performance. Or, to be more precise, it aims to improve the measurable work results of individuals and teams – more quality and more quantity, less costs and time. The aim of personnel development is not to develop competencies, but rather to maximize performance.

Services by Obermann Consulting:

  • Excellence in personnel development: Competency development for HRD professionals and professionalization of HR business partners as part of the performance improvement approach
  • Support of personnel development departments in the transformation into performance improvement / performance consulting teams
  • Development of integrated (multi-dimensional) performance improvement programs: Performance analysis – Program development – Implementation – Evaluation

Key Facts

  • Scientifically substantiated instruments
  • Best practice in accordance with evidence-based leading models
  • Holistic/integrated design of strategic HR management functions