Management Audit

Management Audit


As professionals specialising in management audits, we are well versed in seeing through the layers of self-marketing that are part for the course at this level. Accordingly, our activities go well beyond merely interviewing managers and their colleagues. The value we add: Challenging business cases that illustrate – through verbal communication – performance in realistic tasks. All of our consultants working on such projects have years of experience and corresponding benchmarks. While most of the audits involve between 20 and 50 participants, we also conduct individual audits and have experience with large-scale audits with over 1,000 participants.

Location with facilities: Our Cologne offices have facilities designed specially for conducting management audits – e.g. a complete outlook simulation and server cameras so that participants can work without being disturbed by direct observers.

Acceptance and atmosphere: As a rule, participants do not initially relish the idea of being audited. We are well aware that the ultimate success of the audit depends on the extent to which it is accepted by the participants themselves. We pave the way for this not only by creating an atmosphere that is conducive to close and productive cooperation but also by giving high-quality feedback to participants and clients.

Internationality: In Germany, the audits are carried out in English or German. Through our involvement in IPAD, we conduct audits in many different European countries as well as in the USA and Asia. Our most international project to date was conducted in seventeen languages.

Key facts

  • Assessment using benchmarks garnered through years of auditing experience
  • No conflicts of interest because we are not involved in “headhunting”
  • Interviews and feedback in an appreciative, concentrated atmosphere
  • Accurate diagnostic assessment as regards executive staffing recommendations
  • Facilities are made available

State-of-the-art methods in interviewing

State-of-the-art interview methodology: We do not think much of “in-depth interviews” or of “business talks”, which we see as lacking sufficient interview structure and as being overly dependent on the subjectivity of individual consultants. We prefer competency-based structured interviews with consultants who have been given project-specific training on how to gauge individual responses. We apply the latest interview methods in accordance with the BI (Biographical Interview) and STAR approaches.

Project examples